Pandemic Pause

New Skills, New Priorities

Posted by Holly Krambeck on March 16, 2021 Image Source

And Then That Happened

The Pandemic Pause was a big step outside of my life's rythms -- leading to changes not just in routine, but also in skills and priorities. As family responsibilities multiplied and work challenges grew, so did my appetite to escape into books and learn to code. With these two acts -- reading and coding -- I could ignore that one more thing that needed to be written/cleaned/cooked/fixed/taught, telling myself that learning is also important.

For my coding course, I am requried to design and build applications based on one-line prompts, like "Build an On-Line Store with a Payment Mechanism", or "Analyze and Visualize the Space Race". I've built this site to record these efforts and anything else I may learn along the way. Here's my progress:

Thank you for taking a moment to see what I've been up to...

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